Empower Your Appetite

No matter where you cook, Nomiku makes
Michelin star-worthy meals possible.

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Connectivity & Social Cooking
iOS and Android compatible Nomiku can be controlled from anywhere, including the EatTender app -- the largest online community of step-by-step sous vide recipes.
Large Capacity (10 Gallons)
When you sous vide Nomiku style, you get precisely cooked food, every time, thanks to superior temperature accuracy (of 0.2°C), stability (of 0.01°C), and water capacity.
Ease & Power
Nomiku beats the competition hands down, with its patented heating element that ensures no burnout, and a powerful (1200w!), compact design that fits easily into your kitchen drawer.
Used by Top Chefs
Nomiku brings sous vide, a trusted style of cooking by top chefs that ensures quality, to home kitchens everywhere, easily.
Industry Leadership
Nomiku pioneered the movement of bringing sous vide to the masses, with the first-ever immersion circulator for home cooks.

From Beginner to
Sous Vide Dinner

Skip the hassle of bulky equipment and jump straight to the simple water displacement method. Wield the magic of barometric pressure to push all the air out of your zip-seal bag. Nice.

You can skip the vacuum sealer.

Four Easy Steps to Perfection

Step 1
“Grab a pot”
Step 2
“Clip it on”
Step 3
“Immerse food”
Step 4

Enables Top Chef Quality

Sous vide has long been a best-kept secret among top chefs—and now there are even more reasons to keep up the tradition. A compact size means more room for inspired meat salting. Otherworldly temperature accuracy means even the toughest cuts are perfect, every time.

Used by the worlds top chefs.

Serves Up Recipes

Join the biggest online community for sous vide when you download the EatTender smartphone app. Choose any step-by-step recipe and the app will send it directly to Nomiku. New recipes are added by chefs, home cooks, and friends with Nomikus every day.

An app like a personal sous chef.
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Family-Style Cooking

Nomiku harnesses the secret weapon of sous vide with elegance and intuitive features. Everyone can cook mouth-watering meals worthy of a top chef’s kitchen.

Pro skills, made for the everyday kitchen.

Nomiku and Chill

If you need to chill a bottle of wine or champagne quickly, Nomiku can circulate an ice water bath at the perfect temperature. For more surprising sous vide hacks,